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Wed. Aug 17th, 2022


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This blog is an educative and informative site on construction management processes and building construction practices.

Hi, my name is Damilola Olufemi and I am a Construction Site Manager and the owner of this blog BASE AND GROUNDS.

I started this blog in November 2021. My birth month because I love The Project life cycle, the 10 construction management processes/project management, and of cos without forgetting also its 49 processes.

In my lifetime, I have worked on numerous construction sites, both commercial and residential as an employee, as a freelance even in the capacity of a contractor.

The construction industry and construction management processes are an entire world of beauty on their own. So, I would love to share my expertise with you, and that’s exactly why I’ve started this blog “Base and Grounds”.


Let’s get connected! This way you can get updates every time I publish a new post, or a new training or informational video.

construction management processes
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