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Wed. Aug 17th, 2022
builders' mistakes in house construction
truoba house plans
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If you’re ready to build a home, you must be ready to avoid these builders’ mistakes in house construction.

Make sure you read till the end because this article is loaded with information for you.

When you avoid these common builders’ mistakes before starting or engaging in home construction, it will ensure that:

  • you don’t have any regrets,
  • it will save you time and money and…
  • it will keep you building the home of your dreams for yourself or your clients for years to come.

Without further ado, let’s get to business.


9. Forgetting about the little things

builders' mistakes in house construction

This might sound stupid, but it is always best to ask about the silly little things when entering a building contract these silly questions could be as little as…

• Hours of work (starting and closing times) and break period for the workers.

• arrangement made for proper waste collection and disposal from the workers and the construction site as a whole.

• Will there will be a toilet on-site or will the builder be solely responsible for providing one.

• When you encounter natural delays, such as rain, storm, whirlwind, etc are there alternative strategies?

• Will there be other subcontractors or will the main contractor or builder be the primary contractor or builder for the entire project?

We could go on and on. These are only a handful or part of the common builders’ mistakes in house construction.

You should not be afraid to ask about these minor issues for clarity.

builders' mistakes in house construction

Why should you, in the first place?

Some experts say you can overlook or ignore some or all of these if it is your first construction project but I don’t think so, because these minor questions will aid in my planning and budgeting.

This is one of the builders’ mistakes in building construction or home building that many shy away from maybe because they are scared to ask so they wouldn’t lose executing the project.

8. Compromising the specified list of items for building a new house

builders' mistakes in house construction

It’s often tempting to attempt to save money before you start a new house construction or while you’re at it already. As a result, you might want to compromise the specified list of items for building a new house handed over to you by the owner of the house or contractor and end up purchasing low-cost and sub-standard materials for the house construction. 
The problem with this is that it saves you money though, in the short term, but you may need to replace them in three to five years’ time. 

builders' mistakes in house construction

So, to save money in the long run, it is best to buy high-quality products and engage high-quality contractors and labor. from experience, I have seen that you spend about 3X the cost you should have spent initially in correcting what was done substandardly out of trying to save cost. Remember, this is a home that is intended to be stayed in for a long time. So why not construct something that will provide you with rest of mind? do not attempt to save cost by all means at the expense of the lifespan of the house in question.

7. Delay in making building or construction decisions

builders' mistakes in house construction

According to research, it’s been revealed, that depending on the gravity of the project, you’ll make around or over 250 decisions during the development of your home. As a result, making timely decisions and/or selections is extremely critical in order to avoid building delays for yourself and your client.

When you find yourself in a situation of not sure what decision to take as regards a certain issue or solution or whether you are experiencing confusion or doubt, it’s time to call on your team (the one that will be spoken of next)

buiiders' mistakes in house construction

It’s one of the reasons you hired them to help you bring your home alive. so ignore too many advice from outsiders that are not involved in the project directly in order not to confuse yourself the more.

6. Not devoting enough time to picking the best hands

builders' mistakes in house construction

Why shouldn’t you devote enough time to this cause? you should not hastily choose your team?

Do not rush to choose the first available team because they appeared first or because they are the only ones accessible due to a shortage.

It is critical that the builder brings together his full trusted team before beginning the building construction process. This will help in your budget preparation and also prevent delays that can occur if you decided to choose a new team member with fresh ideas brought on board after the design process has already begun or even worse, is already finished. That is to say, if you would avoid these builders’ mistakes in house construction, you should know from the start, whom you will be working with even before tendering or quoting for the job.

5. failing to go through your contract review checklist

builders' mistakes in house construction

Before you formally begin your house construction, it is pertinent that you must review a well-written contract to ensure that you fully understand what you are entering into. 
Project specifics, timeline information, and cost forecasts should all be included within the agreements, as well as who is accountable for any delays or unforeseen/ unexpected costs that may arise throughout the project.

This isn’t the time to skim over the small print. in fact, delivering a successful house construction starts here.  As a builder and not a lawyer, you should be able to comprehend everything in your construction contract,

builders' mistakes in house construction

but it’s also a good idea to get a lawyer to evaluate it before you sign it. We usually play with construction contracts thinking they are lightweight but in actual sense, they are like the “new construction do’s and dont’s”  

We all want to hope for the best, but even the minor ambiguities or misunderstandings in this contract might result in several costly difficulties to be encountered down the line.


builders' mistakes in house construction
source: alamy.com

Misunderstandings are almost always inevitable between the Builder, the Architect, and the Contractor(s). This happens frequently on projects and on sites and the main cause is always miscommunication or a lack of good communication.

One time, a test was conducted to see whether information remained the same when it is passed from the first person to the last person (or the final receiver) in an organization. The outcome revealed that the information had altered at some point in the interim.

When information is delivered poorly, the flow is distorted which is exactly what happens. This is another one of the builders’ mistakes in house construction or home building.

3. Compromising materials over finishings/ fittings

builders' mistakes in house construction

First instincts would of course want you to opt for a sexy outward appearance when constructing or building your home. even though it is an essential part of the construction process, it is not the ultimate portion of the process.

When choosing between high-quality materials and sexy bespoke fittings, always choose the high-quality materials, my friend, Do not compromise materials over fittings/ finishings.

Forget the sexy things. Yes…! I know, we all adore fancy taps and those stand-alone bathtubs, and so on and so forth, but keep in mind, that the value of interior design components depreciates over time. in fact, it becomes obsolete with time.

When it comes to selling your home, a quality build is more likely to give you a return on your investment. Furthermore, nice fittings may be gradually added over time, whereas replacing cheap masonry or defective windows takes a lot of time and money.

2. Not considering money for contingency

builders' mistakes in house construction

No matter the great plans you have, no matter how best-laid you think you have organized your plans, I tell you, something inevitable will almost always happen during new house construction/ home building or remodeling/ renovation which wasn’t anticipated in your initial budget or bill. This is a custom home mistake most builders overlook. In order to avoid these builders’ mistakes in house construction, we usually advise you to include a contingency reserve in the builder’s proposal or in your overall budget. Never overlook this mistake as it eventually burns the fingers when it is time. So, why not cushion yourself before the inevitable happens?

The size of the contingency fund varies though, as it is based on the individual, the company, and/or the project at hand, but as a general rule, Set aside 5-10%  of the total construction budget.

builders' mistakes in house construction

Hold on… If you have lots of resources 20% is great.

builders' mistakes in house construction



builders' mistakes in house construction

When the building construction project’s scope of work is clearly established, the next step is to put it into action. But what if you don’t have a plan for execution? It will almost certainly have a negative impact on the completion of your construction project. A list of the project’s milestones, activities, and deliverables is required for any construction project. However, if there is no list that shows the construction project’s scheduled start and end dates, the project will be left unfinished or abandoned.

As a result, in order to avoid mistakes, as a builder, you must prepare an execution plan that outlines every particular activity required to complete the work on time as specified in the construction process. A successful and complete construction project is unavoidable when you do this.

builders' mistakes in house construction

Hmmm… Think about this…

Did I miss anything important?

Now, I would like to hear from you.

Which of these points are you guilty of and which do you think should have been mentioned and was not?

If you enjoyed this post and you have gained knowledge, please do not hesitate to share this with others too…

Thank you.

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