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Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
construction worker tools list
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Research has shown that over 75% of workers who take time to have a construction worker tools list for their toolbox or store for building construction or any construction-related work, achieve their target faster and more accurately in their deliverables.

In this article, I will be listing out 57 construction worker tool and accessories, their pictures, and their uses. I can bet, you didn’t even know some of these tools existed and if you knew they existed, you might not know what names they are called

Read through till the end and find out tools you never knew existed in the construction world.

Construction Tools Definition

A tool is any device or instrument that makes work easier. Therefore, construction tools are devices or instruments used in construction works that make work achievable in the easiest and quickest possible time.

To attain good results, every building construction instrument or device is required.

Building a Construction Toolbox or Store

There are thousands of essential construction tools that are existing. more and more are still being created according to the need. Therefore, you cannot or might not have all the construction tools in your toolbox or tool room even though you might see them as attractive and fanciful.

Each tool has a specific function, no matter how small it might be. For instance, a carpenter would have no use for a hand trowel in executing his carpentry works in his lifetime. Wrong function.

Therefore, it is only reasonable that you build a construction toolbox or a construction tool store of related tools to your profession or specialty.

Professional Construction Worker tools vs. DIY Construction tools

construction worker tools list

Whether you are using a professional construction tool or a Do-It-Yourself construction tool, you will still achieve the same result because the tools in question serve the same purpose.

Hold on, that doesn’t mean you should purchase a DIY tool and use it professionally because professional tools are actually and specifically built to be more durable as they last longer viz a viz battery power or stronger cables for the current movement. It is calculated that a professional tool would be used for a longer period compared to DIY home use. for this, they ( Professional tools) cost more.

construction worker tools list

 Whereas if you intend its usage for DIY home use,  the qualities are dropped a bit because it is been calculated on your behalf that you would sparingly use the tool and you would not need to work with your tool the whole day, so, battery power might be dropped a little lower than the professional, etc this doesn’t mean you cannot purchase a professional construction tool for home use but think about the budget if you can afford it.

furthermore, some professional tools are manufactured bigger and heavier as a result of their intended use and these, of cos, would not be very suitable for home users.

So, the choice comes down to you for a decision of intended use.

Professional or DIY?

construction worker tools list

Building Construction Tools Names

Every construction tool is necessary to achieve good results in a quick time.

Find below the essential construction worker tools list as categorized below.

Essential hand tools Used in Construction

Binding hook

construction worker tools list

As small as this tool seems, it is very useful for iron benders. Of what use will it be for reinforcement to be arranged on a slab, for instance, without being properly tied?

The binding hook is used to tie reinforcements together.

2. Block plane

construction worker tools list
  1. Blade
  2. Tilt blade lever
  3. Lever
  4. Lever cap
  5. Knob
  6. Mouth
  7. Sole

A block plane is a woodworking tool used by carpenters.

It has a small blade embedded around the middle part and its main essence is to make a rough wood surface smooth.

3. Boning rods

construction worker tools list
  1. Foresight
  2. Traveler
  3. Backsight

This construction worker tool is made from wood and is constructed in a T shape. they are usually used in sets of three.

A typical boning rod size is 600mm in breadth, 1000mm in height, and 50mm wide.

It is used for foundation excavation purposes especially for those with slopes like canals, road construction, or dykes construction.

It can also be used for excavations with continuous slopes.

Foresight and backsight boning rods are both placed above a platform high while the traveler is used to gauge the horizontal level is used.

4. Brick Bolster

construction worker tools list

The brick bolster looks like a chisel but with a wider base than that of a chisel.

It is used for cutting through bricks with precision to divide the bricks into two. 

Another function of the bolster is, it can be used to clean mortar or grout in between bricks. 

construction worker tools list

5. Caulk guns

construction worker tools list

A caulk gun is a tool commonly used to squeeze out silicon or latex material from its tube. It is difficult to squeeze this material with ordinary hands.

The two types of caulking guns are manually pressured type or battery-powered.

6. Chisel

construction worker tools list

The chisel is another woodworking tool used by carpenters or furniture makers. The other types of chisels are used in construction works for the chiseling of excess concrete or mortar.

7. Digging bar

construction worker tools list

This tool is very essential and cannot miss having a place in the construction worker tool list most especially when digging/ excavation of foundation is ongoing.

This tool is used to break open and loosen up difficult areas when digging. Due to the soil strata/ layers, you would probably come across hard surface areas where the shovel alone cannot dig through.

8. Framing square

construction worker tools list

This tool is mostly used by carpenters, furniture makers, and bricklayers in confirming a perfect angle of 90 degrees. for mason’s, it ensures that the whole building is squared.

It is sometimes made of steel and wood or purely steel. It also has measurements on it as that of a tape rule.

It is also called a steel square or mason’s square.

9. Hammers

construction worker tools list

This needs no thorough introduction as it is the most versatile and most commonly used construction worker tool in construction. it is made up of a weighted iron head and a wooden body.  It is majorly used to drive nails into surfaces like wood, walls, concrete, etc

There are different types of hammers for different uses by different professions.

10. Head pan

construction worker tools list

This tool is very important in the construction industry. It is useful in carrying or transferring materials like sand, cement, gravel or granite, concrete in batches from one point to another.

For instance, when concrete is being mixed at one point and it needs to be transported manually to another point then, the headpan is the ideal tool to be used.

11. Hoe

construction worker tools list

This tool should really not pass for a construction worker tool list as it is rarely used for its purpose as it is rarely associated with construction work in recent times because the shovel has taken its place. But it still found its way here.

It is created for digging trenches before the shovel will be used to evacuate excess earth material out.

12. Line-level/ Spirit level

construction worker tools list

One of the major excellence in construction is to have straight lines both horizontally and vertically. Therefore this construction worker tool comes in handy for that. It is used to continually check the horizontal and vertical alignment when laying tiles, brick, or during plastering, etc.

How do you know you have perfect horizontal or vertical alignment? 

  1. Ifor horizontal alignment, place the spirit level on your tile or brick or any work you are engaged in and look out for theball (in the middle part of the tool) to fall in the middle of the marked space. If it deviates with a micro mm then, the work is nort in perfect horizontal alignment.
  2. For the vertical alignment, place the spirit level vertically on your plastered wall (for instance) and look out for theball (at one of the ends of the tool) to fall in the middle of the marked space. If it deviates with a micro mm then, the work is nort in perfect vertical alignment.

13. Nail pullers

construction worker tools list

As the name implies, it is used to pull out nails from the walls by masons or from the wood by carpenters. Peradventure it has been nailed in the wrong spot.

14. Pickaxe

construction worker tools list

Pickaxes do similar work like a digging bar but in another form.

It looks like a hammer but longer with a metal head having one part of the head sharp as a spear and the other end is flat. When you meet up a hard soil while digging, the spear part can be used with force to break through the ground. The other flat end is suitable for muddy/ mashy digging. 

15. Pliers

construction worker tools list

Imagine trying to twist or untwist a couple of naked wires together and while doing this with your bare hands, one of the strands pierces through and blood starts gushing. Site hazard.

The commonly has a fishlike shape iron head and insulated body that can be handled against shock for electricians (as it is majorly an electrical tool) even though other professionals find it useful in their toolbox as well.

It is used to peel wire covers, cut wires,  tie and untie wires, grip small materials that the hand cannot hold conveniently.

There are different types of pliers for different uses.

16. Putty knife

construction worker tools list

A putty knife is a tool used for finishing works like the application of wall screed material on the wall. It is also used to scrape off excess material on finished works like the tile.

17. Rake

construction worker tools list

This is majorly a horticultural tool but it has found its way into the construction worker tool list.

It is used to separate gravel or granite stones from sand peradventure there is a mix-up in both materials.

It is also used to prepare the ground for leveling purposes after the small pebbles of stones have bees separated.

The rake is made up of a metal base with spaces of about 20 – 50 mm and a long handle (most times wooden. It could be made of rubber too)

18. Hand Saw

construction worker tools list

This is a tool used majorly for woodwork by carpenters or DIY homeowners.

It is used to cut wood, plasterboard, etc. to needed sizes and shapes. The technique is simple when you hold the saw and apply front and back movement pressure, the teeth of the blade create incisions in the wood and cut it.

Some other types of saws are available for other uses.

19. Scoop

construction worker tools list

This tool is mostly used in taking material samples for tests by the quality control team. These samples could be concrete, mortar, cement, sand, etc.

20. Screed

construction worker tools list

Finishing in any construction project is the ultimate. Hence this tool falls in this category. It is used for a smooth finish after concrete casting works have been done.

Screeds create perfectly leveled concrete by cutting out excess uneven concrete on the surface. It also smoothens it out and it becomes interesting to the eye.

21. Screwdriver

construction worker tools list

This simple long metal construction worker tool with a rubber handle fits perfectly into the size of the screw upon which it is to be used upon.

It is used majorly by electricians to drive in screws properly into position.

The most popular type of screwdriver is the one we see or use regularly. There are other types you do not know.

22. Shovels 

construction worker tools list

This construction worker tool is probably the most popular in this list.

A shovel consists of three major parts: the blade, the pipe, and the handle.

The major use of this tool is to load up materials in required quantities into headpans.

It is also used to evacuate the excess earth material during excavation.

It is also now used to dig into the soil, and to mix concrete manually.

There are different types of shovels for different uses.

23. Surface Scratcher

construction worker tools list
source: constructor.org

In the part of the world where I come from, this is a tool that is rarely used but yet it is listed in the construction worker tool list.

It is a tool for bricklayers but most times, bricklayers here use the trowel instead for this purpose.

Sometimes, bricklayers would need to do a double coat plastering probably because the guage taken at a particular area is thicker than the rest. So when the first layer is made, the surface scratcher tool is used to make the surface rough. The essence is to enable the next layer to be applied and bonded on properly. Mortar bonds are better on a rough surface than on a smooth surface.

24. Tamper

construction worker tools list
source: stampcrete.com

Most times, after excavation, backfilling, raking, etc. the ground becomes loose. At this point, it is excellent to use this tamper tool to make the ground solid again most especially, if the concrete is to be poured on the loose area.

The tamper is used manually if the area to be made solid and firm isn’t too deep otherwise, a mechanical means should be adopted.

The bottom part of a tamper is flat, wide, and heavy with a long handle. It is used to beat the ground to make it level and firm.

25. Tile cutter

construction worker tools list

From the name, this is a tilers tool and it is used to cut tiles into smaller sizes needed by the tiler.

26. Trowel

construction worker tools list

A bricklayer or mason will never find himself complete if he does not have this in his construction worker tool list.

It is used to plaster walls, set and bond bricks together with mortar, some local bricklayers even use it to slice bricks in place of a brick bolster.

The mason cannot do without this tool.

There are different types for different uses or functions.

27. Utility knife

construction worker tools list

This is quite a small tool but useful. It is used to cut lines, tapes, wires, strings, and other materials that a knife can cut through.

These knives come in different fanciful shapes and sizes.

28. Wheelbarrow

construction worker tools list
  1. Handles
  2. Rod
  3. tray/ bucket
  4. Wheel
  5. Leg

This tool is the bigger and better version of the headpan. The essence of this tool is to also transfer or transport materials or items from one point to another around the site. 

It has a bigger bowl or pan and it is constructed on a tire for easy movement with two wedges for balance when not in motion.

This tool is a utility tool on site. The construction industry cannot do without this tool.

29. Wire brush

construction worker tools list
  1. Handle
  2. Wire bristles

This is a brushlike piece of tool used mainly by iron benders to brush out rusty surfaces from reinforcement, iron plates, I-section beams, etc. as the saying goes, iron sharpens iron.

This is a valuable tool.

30. Wooden float

construction worker tools list

When a mason plasters a surface, to first make sure the surface is in vertical alignment, he uses the wooden float to remove any excess mortar on the surface. This is done by moving the float in a circular motion. He then checks the level with a line level to confirm before he finally uses one of his special trowels to shine the surface properly.

31. Wrenches

essential construction hand tool

A wrench is a tool made specifically for a particular type of nut. i.e. each wrench is specifically made for each bolt size. It is used to loosen or tighten a bolt. 

Construction Site measurement tools

Construction site measurement tools are very important and useful in building construction. Accuracy and precision in construction are very vital hence, measurement tools cannot be left out of the building construction worker tool list.

Find below the most common measuring tools in use today.

  1. Chalkline reel
construction measurement tool
source: sydneytools.com

This tool is a marking tool. It serves as a pencil or pen mark in the construction.

When you need a long straight perfect line, this tool is your best friend

It is made up of a rope reeled into a case and then filled with chalk of any color.

When you need a straight line on a wall, for instance, Establish your two opposite points, you then reel out some of the rope and place it at your first point, then release the rest of the rope till you get to your next marked point. Pull the rope a bit towards yourself and release it. It usually has a blue color. When you release, the blue color marks a blue straight line as required.

2. Construction calculator

construction tool for measurement

Before and after construction, a lot of calculations are being done.

Construction calculations require human free errors hence, the need for calculators that have been specifically created for such. Hence, the need for this tool.

Regular calculators or the ones on your smartphones are limited to what a special construction calculator would give to you. One of the greatest advantages of the construction calculator over the regular ones or the ones on your smartphone is that they have construction units in built-in calculators and you can easily convert various units to whatever one you require. 

The best part is that they have been pre-programmed with a lot of useful data that you do not need to go searching for elsewhere.

They can withstand construction dust, and they are far cheaper than your smartphones you want to put at risk of falling while in use.

3. Diameter measuring tape

construction measurement and estimates tool
source: limit-tools.com

This serves the same purpose as the tape rule measure. The only difference is that this measures circular objects accurately as opposed to the tape rule that measures straight lines majorly.

4. Line and Pins

construction measurement and estimates tool
source: amazon.com

This construction tool is used to also check the alignment of bricks horizontally. It is used in conjunction with the spirit level.

5. Measuring box

construction measurement and estimates tool
source: happho.com

A measuring box is a tool used to accurately measure materials for use.

For instance, if you intend to use a concrete mixture of 1:2:4, all you need to do is use the measuring box to measure 1 part of cement to 2 parts of sand and 4 parts of granite or gravel.

Accuracy in measurements is required in construction mixtures and the measuring box does this job.

these boxes also come in different sizes as required.

6. Measuring tape

construction measurement and estimates tool

The measuring tape is used to measure short distances. Distances like when the brick setting is ongoing and rooms are to be created.

7. Measuring wheel

construction measurement and estimates tool
  1. Handle
  2. Adjustable/ collapsible joints
  3. Wheel
  4. Distance counter
  5. stand/ support

This is a tool used to measure long distances within and outside the site.

This measuring tool has a measuring device attached and connected to a wheel of known diameter and records the number of complete circles from where the distance covered can be measured automatically and displayed on the attached measure device.

8. Plumb bob

construction measurement and estimates tool

The plumb bob is a very useful tool. It is also used to check vertical alignment but the difference is that it is always has a reference point, unlike the spirit level.

It is made up of a string and a small heavy metal with a pointed tip always pointing downwards.

The string is usually tied at the top and the weight of the bob is allowed to pull the string to tension then allowed to be at rest before the distance between the string and the reference point (usually a wall but not always) is measured at intervals. 

9. Plumb rule 

construction measurement and estimates tool
source: civiljungle.com

A plumb rule is a measuring device, also majorly used by bricklayers and carpenters, to determine the vertical alignment.

It is made of a thin narrow board combined with a plumb bob.

The center of the board has a groove in which the string sits perfectly if the wall or wood is in perfect alignment vertically.

10. Water level

construction measurement and estimates tool
source: bricky.com

This is a tool that has been used for years and it’s still being used.

It is based on the principle that water always finds its level as long s there are no external influences to affect it.

The way this tool works is that you fill the empty hose with water and ensure that the water level at one end is at the same level as the other end. Once these two points are established, then you can use a chalk reel to then connect both points for use

Construction safety tools

In construction sites, it is paramount to ensure the safety of all workers on-site and reduce the accidents or deaths that may occur as these two are almost inevitable on every construction site.

During the life span of a construction site, there is about a 95% probability that one must occur openly or secretly.

The following safety construction worker tool list tools will help protect you from these two inevitable circumstances.

  1. Hand Gloves
construction measurement and estimates tool

This tool is worn as protection over the hand. It is used to prevent direct contact from corrosive materials like cement, chemicals used on-site, paints, etc.

2. Helmet

construction safety tools

This tool is used to prevent the head from falling objects. The construction site is a very very busy place. As you have people working over your head, behind you, in front of you, on the scaffold, etc. the helmet helps prevent a head injury. 

3. Ladders

construction safety tools

This tool is very very essential in a construction site and it helps to aid works to be done above normal human height. It can be used internally or externally. There are different types of ladders made from different materials. The general usage is for it to serve as an additional height to enable you to do works above normal ground level or where the hands cannot get to.

4. Reflective Jackets

construction safety jackets

The reflective jackets are mostly effective at nights when construction work is ongoing. The name reflective vomits out light when another external light shines on it. The essence is to let someone from a distance know that a human is standing, working or available in that space. It doesn’t mean it is not worn during the day too.  

5. Rubber safety boots

construction safety tools

Rubber boots are worn over the feet to protect them from injury as a result of deadly materials like nails from carpenters, buried reinforcements or iron, chemicals from concrete, machines, tools, etc

6. Safety Belt

construction safety tools

This tool is a tool that must not be left out if you are working on a height over 3m and especially on a scaffold. This tool has always saved lives on many occasions. This belt is strapped around your waist and attached to the nearest static object that has been tested not to give way or collapse. The essence is to ensure that you have a grip if peradventure you slip from a height or something happens that might warrant your fall from such a height. 

7. Safety Goggles

construction safety tools

Everybody on-site needs this tool especially if a lot of dust is generated on that site.

The eyes are very delicate and to me, are the most important part of the body. Safety google are worn to protect the eyes from numerous site hazards

8. Tool Belt

construction safety tool

Tool belts are an alternative to toolboxes especially when you are working at a height and you cannot afford to keep climbing down and up picking up different tools you need. This tool is ideal for you to have all the tools you need for a particular task at a particular time. 

To avoid forgetting a tool you need, it is pertinent that you plan the tools you need before you start the task.

Construction hi-tech tools and gadgets

The world is fast evolving into a technological global village and of cos, the construction industry is not left out.

Find below a list of construction hi-tech tools and gadgets that can tremendously aid the construction process.

Who says technology and construction cannot mix?

  1. Construction Drones
construction hi-tech gadgets

Slowly and gradually, drones have crept into society and into different industries showing how useful they are. The construction industry is not left out.

Drones are used for viewing problems at a height where it is difficult for the naked eye to see from a distance. They are also used to create site map layouts before construction works start. Drones are also used to gather data from the start of construction to the finish.

This tool is a must-have construction hi-tech gadget.

2. Exoskeletons

construction hi-tech gadgets
source: spectrum.ieee.org

Have you ever wondered as batman i.e. the human with gadgets that make you appear superhuman? Then the exoskeleton is the construction tool that will make you feel so.

This tool is built in such a way that it fits onto the human body. It is made of metal (lightweight)

This tool, machine, or gadget as you may like to call it. It multiplies your energy 7X. I.e it can help you lift objects 7 times the natural weight you can carry. E.g, if you can carry 1 bag – 50kg of cement without an exoskeleton on, you will be able to carry 7  of such without the help of anyone at a go without straining the body

3. Laser leveler

construction hi-tech gadgets
source: mydecorative.com

This tool is used to check the floor or wall levels. Some even go as far as checking and confirming an angle of 90 degrees The traditional level uses a mason square to check manually if an angle is at 90. 

The laser levels operate on laser technology producing laser beams both horizontally and vertically.

You can use the laser levels for a variety of tasks like screeding a floor for tiling, gauging a wall for plastering, level points for the pouring concrete, and many more.

4. Rebound hammer

construction hi-tech gadgets
source: matest.com

The other names for rebound hammers are the Schmidt hammer or Swiss hammer or Concrete hammer.

This tool is used to test the strength or the elasticity of concrete. It can test only the surface hardness and how much it resists penetration from external forces.

When you want to use the hammer, you will need to place the tip of the hammer (small penlike) against the concrete and press the hammer button on the hammer.  The extent of rebound measures the extent of the surface elasticity or penetration. It usually has a reading screen for results.

construction hi-tech gadgets
source: constructor.org

5. Smart Jackets

construction hi-tech gadget
source: amazon.com

A smart jacket is a tool that can be worn depending on your body temperature. Irrespective of the weather condition, there is clothing that soothes perfectly well. If the weather is too cold (in winter for instance) you can wear heating jackets to keep your body warm while you maintain productivity and improve satisfaction on the job and if the weather is harsh and hot, then you can wear the opposite, cooling jackets to keep your body system cool while you work. This technology is amazing as you can program how cool or heating you want the clothing to be.

6. Smart Safety Goggles

construction hi-tech gadgets
source: comm-co.com

This smart safety glass is one of a kind and a multifunctional one for that matter.

This tool serves as a safety for the eyes and also has other features like a video recorder, audio recorder, and also has its strength as safety goggles.

Its multifunctionality makes it unique.

It is a must-have as a tech gadget for construction.

7. Smart Helmets

construction hi-tech gadgets
source: airobot.eu

This smart helmet has some artificial intelligence attached to it and it functions accurately.

This smart helmet also uses augmented reality (AR) to help workers on a job site.

It detects hazards before they even happen. You can think of it as a tool that sees into the future even before it becomes a reality. 

This helmet like the smart glass also can record, it has a 360 degrees view (meaning with the helmet, you can see all your surroundings), it can do 3D mapping, take photographs, etc.

8. Stud finder

construction hi-tech gadgets

This tool is specifically used on woodwork or drywall to find studs where you can conveniently nail to hang stuff like a mirror, picture frames, wall decoration, etc., or to find studs like pipes in-wall, electrical wires, etc.

The stud finder locates the perfect spot for you so you don’t nail amiss into the wall or an empty space.

Stud finders detect studs in a variety of unique ways that are amazingly technological.

One of the ways is the use of magnets to detect magnetic objects

 Like nails, metals, etc. to a max distance of about 19mm.

Others use radars


In conclusion, the construction worker tool list is a must-have in this time and age in order to correctly and accurately complete building construction tasks easily and much faster.

when you want to build your construction worker tool list, consider having the following in mind:

  1. essential construction hand tools
  2. construction tools for measurements and estimates
  3. construction safety tools
  4. construction power tools and equipment
  5. construction woodwork tools
  6. construction hi-tech tools, and gadgets

If you are a construction worker i.e. mason, plumber, electrician, contractor, woodworker, or even if you just love to do it yourself at home. Imagine work without these tools, expending manpower, and wasting time.

Please leave a comment in the section below If there is any tool, gadget, or equipment you expected to see in the construction worker tool list and you didn’t find it. We will surely update.

Please share this piece if you gained enough informative value?


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